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were in virginia where unemployment is lower, but a lot of that is due to government spending, and now we're in ohio where as you know, in youngston, that plant that was almost shut down, three shifts making the chevy crews. the toledo plant, they associate this with jobs and prosperity, and the auto industry and the other manufacturing industries, what you have is generations of people working in those industries so the trend does actually matter, and the trend favors president obama right now. >> so john, you close it up for me. ohio. you guys are there. it is so important. i mean, people in ohio must feel like the belle of the ball. everybody wants their vote. they have spent so much advertising money. >> they know it. >> if romney loses ohio, john, can he win the election? >> the path is very, very, very difficult without ohio, and that's why the obama camp has made it a fire wall, which is the reversal of political trends in the past. usually ohio is the republican firewall in the election. a couple things, the fact that ohio use unemployment rate is lower than the nation's, very
like $2 an hour. so the chinese government has structured its infrastructure and everything else to support this idea, to bring factories in, to take advantage of that cheap labor, and to put inexpensive products out to compete on the world market. and boy, does it compete. look at this graph showing what has happened since 1985. this is how many chinese products we were importing in 1985. and it has gone up and up and up and up, so that this is a recession right here, by the way, the little dip there, it's now reached levels here, dropped down a little bit more. but a tremendous increase in the number of chinese products coming into the united states since 1985. but now look at what we're sending over there. u.s. products in 1985 were about even with chinese, and now not nearly as much. it's far behind. what can a president do about that. they could put some kind of a trade barrier in place to stop the chinese imports, but if they did that, china would probably respond with trade barriers to u.s. products going there. they could say to the u.s. companies, you can't go over there
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)